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Hi, I'm

Luna Fumagalli

I am a psychologist and couple's counsellor,

and the founder of

RISE psychology hub. 


I am passionate about helping people create harmonious relationships, battle self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, cope with stress and worries, improve mood and communication skills, become more assertive, and live more authentic, congruent, and meaningful lives.

Individual therapy



Relationship issues


Relationship breakups

Unhealthy dating patterns & dating anxiety

Difficulties with boundaries

Difficulties asserting yourself & other communication problems

Self-esteem & identify issues

Excessive self-criticism

Imposter syndrome

Procrastination & lack of motivation

Excessive shyness

Grief & loss

Personal growth & development

Career & lifestyle change

Couple's therapy





Lack of connection

Trust issues


Sexual issues

Supporting a partner who has health/mental health issues

Coping with external stressors such as work and extended family

Pregnancy & parenting

Ending the relationship 

Exploring alternative lifestyles


My approach

 I have a person-centred approach and work holistically with my clients.

I provide trauma-informed care, and empowerment is a key part of my work with clients.

I draw on multiple therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). 

I believe there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to working with people, this is why my methods include frameworks of attachment theory, somatic (or body-based), mindfulness-based, and cognitive behavioural theories. I have additionally integrated my practice with creative techniques due t my profound interest in neuroscience, mindfulness, and positive psychology.


My training

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) at D'Annunzio University of Chieti–Pescara, Italy.

Master's in Health and Clinical Psychology at D'Annunzio University of Chieti–Pescara, Italy.

Post Graduate training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  at APA (Associazione Psicoanalitica Abruzzese) Chieti, Italy.

Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples at The Australian Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy (ACEFT).


It takes great courage to reach out and ask for help. 

Thank you for reading about me and the services I am so passionate about offering. 

I am committed to honouring that courage with genuine support to help you achieve your goals and thrive.