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How to obtain a
Mental Health Care Plan


Attend a session with the GP of your choice and request a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). Mention your psychologist's details in the appointment with your GP.


Ask for a copy of your MHCP and provide this document to our practice. Or ask your GP to provide this to us on your behalf.


You will then be entitled to 6 rebatable sessions with your psychologist. If you and your psychologist believe you need more sessions after this, proceed to step 4.


Request a REVIEW from your GP. If they agree there is a need for more sessions, you will then be entitled to more sessions. Once you have had these sessions, again you can repeat step 4.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you are allowed 6 sessions initially and 4 or 6 sessions for every review, you are only allowed to use 20* sessions per calendar year (JAN- DEC). If you reach 21 sessions before the end of the year, you would then have to pay privately or use private health insurance. Once a new year begins, you can continue using the MHCP.

For further explanation, get in touch with us or see this handy article:

*20 sessions have been allowed during the Covid-19 period. Prior to this, Medicare recipients were entitled to 10 sessions per year. This policy may change back to 10 sessions at any time, depending on the federal governments decisions. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.